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Wilderness First Aid Weekend

Wilderness First Aid - Two-day Class - $247

What if your hiking partner suffered a traumatic injury far from help? What if it was you who were injured? In this vital class, students will learn how to quickly recognize and treat life threatening conditions and injuries common to activity in the outdoors. The instruction on techniques and equipment common to paramedicine and the military will make students confident that they will be ready to face the worse possible scenarios.

Topics covered include but are not limited to:

Hemorrhage control

Airway management


Litter construction

First aid kit construction

Scenario-based medical exercises and much more! 

Guest Instructor, Rick Pyle

These classes are taught by an experienced nationally registered paramedic, who is also a skilled survivalist. Rick Pyle is an avid outdoorsman, who has been practicing his skills in austere environments since he was a child. His true talent and skill is as an experienced firefighter and paramedic. He cut his teeth in some of the busiest departments in Virginia and continues to serve with a large metropolitan agency. He has been teaching for a number of years in the areas of Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support and Tactical Combat Casualty Care. The lessons he learned in these areas he now applies to wilderness settings and worst case scenario preparedness. 


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