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Bushcraft Week

What is bushcraft?
It's not witchcraft, and it's not "arts and crafts".

Bushcraft is an old term for the outdoor skills that people have use for centuries. It's basic components are familiar enough. Fire making and shelter building are part of the skill set. So are foraging and water procurement. But the whole point of the bushcraft mindset is a little bit different from the typical mentality of wilderness survival.

In wilderness survival, you learn and practice skills that will keep you alive during an emergency in the wilderness.
But in bushcraft, you'll develop and use skills that aren't just helping you survive - they are helping you to thrive!

In short, bushcraft isn't just about avoiding death in the wilderness, it's about going into the wild to really live. Bushcraft is the art of thriving in your native environment - the great outdoors.

In this exciting new class, you'll gain:

  • Long term shelter building skills
  • Pathfinding, land navigation and signaling tricks
  • Flint and steel fire making 
  • Primitive forging techniques (you'll make your own steel knife!)
  • Make and practice with stone-throwing slings
  • Bow making skills (you'll make your own quickie survival bow)
  • Trapping skills
  • Bush cooking experience
  • Learn the priorities of survival, both mental and physical
  • Build a tarp shelter and stay the night in it
  • Make fire in many modern ways, including optics, electricity and spark rods
  • Build lethal traps, discover nutritious wild edibles and learn how to do survival fishing
  • Learn about survival kits, how to signal for help and how to avoid getting lost in the first place
This class is a 5 day format, immersing you in the realm of bushcraft and modern wilderness survival. You'll stay over in a woodland shelter (or you can bring a tent), and you'll enjoy 5 days and 4 nights packed with hands-on skills.

This course is a combination of our Bushcraft 3-Day and our Wilderness Survival course (modern skills). Bushcraft Week will be held December 11-15, 2017 and July 23-27, 2018.


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