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Build Your Own Food Storage

If you've been hit by the federal shutdown or suffered a recent job loss - you know exactly how painful it can be to see your cupboard go empty. And those aren't the only scenarios that could leave you and your family going hungry.

As you've clearly seen - the government will not take care of you! It's YOUR responsiblity to take care of yourself and your family. 

And while food storage won't pay your mortgage, it can save you some money and it WILL guarantee that you can feed your little ones.

So how do you begin? Storing food properly can be a real challange, and making mistakes in food storage can be expensive and waste food!

We'll walk you through all of the details, and even show you how to cook during a utility outage. In this class, you'll gain the skills to:

  • Package ordinary staple foods to last for more than 30 years
  • How to eat well on less than $3 per day
  • Use water bath canning to save acidic foods
  • Dehydrate fruits and vegatables, with and without power
  • Make delicious jerky 
  • Cook without utilities
  • Build your own food security plan, an edible insurance policy!


Our next class date is TBD - but we are considering September 2019. This class will be held rain or shine, at our Stafford Virginia camp. Detailed directions sent upon registry.


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