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Primitive Skills

This student and staff favorite is perfect for people who want to have the skills to live in the wild, by choice or in case of a survival emergency. The 2-day and 3-day versions of this course are packed with the hands-on skills that our ancestors once used for their livelihood.

In the 3-day version of this course, you’ll gain the skills to:

  • Build a warm, dry shelter from natural materials with your bare hands
  • Identify water sources and have the skills to primitively disinfect the water
  • Safely identify high food value wild edible plants
  • Begin your foundation in friction fire making skills with bow and drill
  • Identify rocks that you can make tools with, and then create those tools
  • Set traps that could catch animals for food and fur
  • Make string from the wild plants around you
  • Make wooden containers for storage and cooking, and weave baskets from vines
  • Safely make jerky to store extra meat

The 2-day version includes everything except edible plants, baskets, cooking, and jerky. Each student receive a copy of our Advanced Survival Training primitive survival manual and camping on-site is included.

Course tuition is $397 for the 3-day version and $267 for the 2-day version.  Course Location: Near Stafford, Va. Detailed directions are emailed upon enrollment.

Remaining 2023 dates for the 3-day version are November 11-13.

Remaining 2023 dates for the 2-day version are November 11-12.

2024 dates for the 2-day version are February 17-18 and November 9-10.

2024 dates for the 3-day version are November 9-11.

Course Location: Near Stafford, Va. Detailed directions are emailed upon enrollment.

Required Equipment: Food and drinks for yourself for three days, appropriate clothing and wet weather gear for the expected weather, a knife (fixed blade preferred), a sleeping bag (or blanket) and a pen to take notes.

Recommended Equipment: Some seating is available at camp, but please bring a camp chair if you have one. Personal camping gear like tents, stoves, lights and other gear are welcomed and encouraged.

More specific information and directions are relayed upon enrollment.

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