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In all courses, events and excursions conducted by Advanced Survival Training - its assistant instructors, helpers, and Tim MacWelch, individually - reasonable care is taken toprevent serious injuries and minimize accidents. The student states that he or she is in good physical and mental health; and fully aware that survival, primitive technology, eating wild plants, and wilderness travel may be dangerous. The student by signing their name below hereby agrees to accept full responsibility for themselves and assume all risks, including those caused by acts of God, injury, death and/or loss to his or her person and/or property. The student hereby waives all present and future rights to make any claims resulting in any way from attending current or future courses, events or excursions conducted by Advanced Survival Training, its assistant instructors, helpers, and Tim MacWelch, individually.

By selecting yes above, the student releases Advanced Survival Training to use photographs taken during courses which may contain images of the student, for Advanced Survival Training's advertising purposes.