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Primitive Survival Crash Course

So you want to learn how to survive in the woods, with only the clothes on your back and a knife? Then jump into our Primitive Survival Crash Course and gain the foundational skills to ensure your survival, using only the materials that the wilderness provides.

Spend a day of hands-on learning with professional survival instructor, Tim MacWelch, in this fast-paced class which covers crucial skills to ensure your safety and well-being in virtually any survival situation. The skills and subjects of this class include: Assessing the Priorities and Mentality of Survival; How to build a Leaf Hut Shelter with your bare hands, no tools or ropes required; creating Friction Fire by literally "rubbing two sticks" with the Bow and Drill method; How to get safe drinking water with low tech methods; an introduction to Primitive Tool and Rope making; and how to Signal for help. As a bonus for taking this course, you'll receive our information filled primitive survival manual to take home with you. Gain the skills to live off the land, and provide yourself with the ultimate back-up plan for survival. And now for the best parts - this class is beginner friendly, and you can learn all these skills in just one day.

This course is held near Stafford, Va.

2019 dates include April 22, August 5 and November 9.

Specific information and directions are relayed upon enrollment.

This course may also be scheduled privately for individuals and small groups, Monday thru Friday. Contact us for more details.

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