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Most classes will be held at our private training facility in Northern Virginia. This site is in the forests on the southwest edge of Quantico Marine Base, west of Garrisonville, south of Warrenton, north of Hartwood. Detailed directions are provided upon enrollment. A few Edible Plant classes and the Backcountry Crash Courses will be held at Sky Meadows State Park near Delaplane, Virginia.


One-Day Regular Classes - $127
One-Day Specialty Classes - $187
Two-Day Classes - $267
Three-Day Classes - $397
Five-Day Classes - $697

2023 Class Schedules

Updated on 5/25/2023

Sky Meadows State Park Classes - Deleplane, Va

June 10-11 - Backcountry Crash course - $187
July 15 - Summer Wild Edible Plants - $127
September 30- Fall Wild Edible Plants - $127

Home Location Classes - Hartwood, Va

June 17 - Baskets and Brew - $127

July 8-9 Foraging Intensive - $267
July 8 - Summer Wild Edible Plants - $127
July 9 - Medicinal Wild Plants - $127
July 16 - Survival Hacks - $127

August 5-6 - Wilderness Survival 2-day - $267
August 5 - Modern Wilderness Survival Crash Course - $127
August 19 - Bowmaking - $127

September 9 - Disaster Crash Course - $127
September 16-17 - 2nd annual Wilderness Warrior Weekend with TIGA Tactics - more details coming soon
September 23- Land Navigation with Darryl Johnson (see info below)

October 21-22 Foraging Intensive - $267
October 21 - Fall Wild Edible Plants - $127
October 22 - Medicinal Wild Plants - $127

November 11-15 Ultimate Survival Week - $ 697
November 11-13 - Primitive Skills 3-day - $397
November 11-12 - Primitive Skills 2-day - $267
November 11 - Primitive Survival Crash Course - $127
November 12 - Primitive Traps and Weapons - $127
November 14-15 - Wilderness Survival - $267
November 14 - Modern Survival Crash Course - $127
November 18 - Blacksmithing - Tomahawks and Trail Gear - $127

December 9 - Blacksmithing - Camp Cookware - $127
December 10 - Winter Tree and Plant ID - $127

We are very pleased to partner again with retired Marine Darryl Johnson for a Land Navigation class on Saturday, September 23rd, 2023. This class is being hosted at our home location not far from Quantico Marine Base and it will run from 9 am to 4 pm. More details to follow. Registration and payment are handled directly through the guest instructor, not through this website. Please email Darryl at for more information, to reserve a spot, and for payment options.

Land Navigation with Darryl Johnson
Let's talk about land navigation and self-rescue. Our modern day reliance on GPS navigation and cell phone apps for trails has caused us to neglect our land navigation skills. Google Maps and GPS are amazing as long as you have a signal, connectivity, and a fully charged battery. But do you know how to use a map and compass to navigate and self-rescue if you suddenly couldn't use (or trust) any electronics? Even with modern technology, hikers and backpackers get lost and die all the time. SAR teams call it: death by GPS. Maps and compasses are powerful tools and they are not as confusing or complicated as you might think. But they can't help you if you don't know how to use them. Like any tool, trying to use them without knowing how could even get you killed. Learning the basics of Land Navigation might save your life in a wide range of survival scenarios. Knowing the basics of using a map and compass not only provide backup navigation if you're deep in the wilderness, but they also offer a fun and refreshingly simple way to navigate. This course will teach you critical new skills, and help you improve your current map reading skills. Learn and practice land navigation skills before you decide to leave the trail and venture into the backcountry. You will learn:

- Components of a compass
- Components of a topographical map
- Adjusting for declination
- Shoot an azimuth
- Shoot a reverse azimuth
- Identify Terrain features
- Land/Terrain and Map Association
- Use terrain features as steering markers
- Tracking Current Location
- Make your own Ranger Beads
- Make your own Ranger Lighter
- Calculating Distance
- Route Planning
- How to Make A Map On The Ground

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