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Survival By Chicken

Whether you want to be more involved in (and know what goes into) the food you eat or you are concerned by the meat shortages of 2020, we have a special new class for backyard bird growers! Take control of your own food supply with our latest course - Survival By Chicken! This new class will show you how to raise your own chickens for both eggs and meat (from peeps to plates). In this hands-on class, we'll start at our regular camp and walk over to our next door neighbor's farm for the remainder of the day. This class will be co-taught by our neighbor Scott McDermott, who has raised birds of all kinds for many years. Here's a sampling of what you will learn:

- You'll see how to brood baby chicks with supplies you probably already have.
- Learn how to build a portable pen (aka chicken tractor).
- Discover how to raise chickens for both eggs and meat.
- See exactly how to care for your birds and learn how to remedy common problems.
- How to defeat our local chicken predators.
- You'll even have the opportunity to take a live bird through every step of the process, from humanely dispatching it to a completely processed bird that is ready to cook (and you can go home with the chicken you processed!).


This class will run Saturday, August 1st, 2020 - 9 am to 4 pm and space is limited to the first 15 applicants. The cost is our normal one-day class tuition ($127).

A take-home manual on chicken production is provided. The birds are provided too. Please bring your own lunch, drinks, work gloves (for building the pen), disposable gloves (for gutting), and a cooler with ice or cold packs to take home your meat.



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