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Medieval Cooking

Join our newest class!

The Medieval Cooking class lands squarely in between our Primitive Cooking class and our Off Grid Cooking Class. 

Similar to the other two cooking classes we offer, you'll spend the morning collaborating on a lunch and the afternoon helping us create a feast for dinner (yes, lunch and dinner are included in the price).

And you don't need a massive stone hearth in the bowels of castle to cook in a historic style...

For this hands-on class, you'll learn how to cook medieval dishes over an open camp fire using a wide range of pots and metal containers. Dishes will include soup, sauces, a roast, a vegetable pottage, a classic boiled pudding and even bread!

We'll also cover the care and restoration of cast iron and steel cookware, and even show you how to make fire with historic methods. 

A class manual will be provided for each student, which will include each of the recipes used in the class.


  • Learn to make fire with historic methods
  • Make meals with cast iron cookware and other historic aparatus
  • Find out how we can tranform simple ingredients into delicious meals
  • Find out how to maintain your steel and iron cookware
  • And much more!


This class will be held on Saturday, June 1st, 2024, from 9am to 6pm - $127 per person.

Lunch and dinner are included. Please bring your own drinks, cutlery, bowls and plates for two meals.




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