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Foraging Week

Looking for the ultimate foraging class?

We've combined five of our most popular plant classes into a 5-day experience that will give you the tools, skills and knowledge to forage for wild plant foods, medicines and supplies in the Eastern Woodlands.

Day One - Establish a strong foundation in plant identification and wild foods with our Seasonal Wild Edible Plant class.

Day Two - Continue your plant identification training with our Medicinal Plant class. 

Day Three -  Time for some practical plant fun, turn local plants into several styles of baskets and two different types of alcoholic beverage with our Baskets and Brew class.

Day Four - Expand your knowledge of forest and field with our Tree Identification class.

Day Five - Complete the week by creating 10 wild medicines in Herbal Medicine Intensive class.


This 5 day program will give you an experience that simply cannot be replicated by watching videos and reading books. Simply put, you'll never look at the plant kingdom the same way again.

For those who cannot make it to the whole week, there is the option to take days individually or smaller groupings (like taking the first to days as our Foraging Immersion Weekend).

Each member of this class will receive a copy of Advanced Survival Training's manuals on plant use and identification. Camping and one evening lecture/project are also included in the 5-day package. Course tuition is $697.


The 2024 dates are:

April 13-17 (Saturday thru Wednesday)

July 13-17 (Saturday thru Wednesday)

September 16-20 (Monday thru Friday)


Course Location: Near Stafford, Va. Detailed directions are emailed upon enrollment.

Required Equipment: Food and drinks for yourself for five days, appropriate clothing and wet weather gear for the expected weather, a knife (fixed blade preferred), and a pen to take notes.

Recommended Equipment: Some seating is available at camp, but please bring a camp chair if you have one. Insect repellent and sunscreen. Personal camping gear like tents, stoves, lights and other gear are welcomed and encouraged.

More specific information and directions will be emailed to you unpon enrollment.



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