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Friction Fire Making

Our 1 day Friction Fire Making course is an energetic class for people who have always wanted to make fire by rubbing two sticks together. This course will focus on the bow drill, hand drill, fire plow and bamboo fire saw methods of friction fire making and how to easily start a fire in an emergency.

During our Friction Fire Making course, you will:

  • Learn about the basic materials and components of friction fire
  • Practice fire safety, tinder and fire wood selection
  • Learn about some of the history and physics of friction fire making
  • Study proper construction and use of the fire making equipment
  • Construct fire making sets which will be yours to keep from a variety of materials provided by us

The Friction Fire Making course teaches the Hand Drill friction fire making method because it is the easiest fire kit to make, and this method had the widest use through prehistory and world cultures. The Bow Drill is also taught in this course because it is the easiest method for beginners to make friction fire.

Each member of this class will receive a copy of Advanced Survival Training's manual on friction fire making.

Friction Fire Making is scheduled for Friday May 3, 2019 near Stafford, Virginia. Cost $97 (part of our Fieldcraft Friday series)

Course Location: Near Stafford, Va. Detailed directions are emailed upon enrollment.

Required Equipment: Bag lunch and drinks for yourself, appropriate clothing and wet weather gear for the expected weather, pocket knife (any kind) and a pen to take notes.

Recommended Equipment: Some seating is available at camp, but please bring a camp chair if you have one. 

This course may also be scheduled privately for individuals and small groups, Monday thru Friday. Contact us for more details.

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